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Below are the customs CNC machining parts made by our machine shops in China for global customers. The parts are categorized by the processing process, mainly by milling, screw machining, forging + machining, and casting + machining, etc. For the machining parts made from casting workpieces, the raw materials include carbon steel, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 306. For machining parts made from cold forging workpieces, the raw material is carbon steel. For aluminum machining parts, 6061 is for warm forging processes, and ACD 12 for casting processes.

CNC milling parts

Factory: SpecsPro - Shangjian Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Screw Machining Parts

Factory: Flourish Precision Machining Technology Co., Ltd.


Aluminum forging + machining parts

Factory: YangPing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Steel cold forging + turning parts

Factory: Ningbo Anchor Fasteners Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Investment casting parts

Zinc die casting parts

Factory: Hengmei Precision Casting Co., Ltd.

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