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Machining Services in China

CNC Machining Services in China

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SpecsPro provides CNC machining and comprehensive metal fabrication services. We make custom machining parts in our China based machine shops, and ship the parts to our customers internationally. SpecsPro has a well established flexible and reliable manufacturing system to accommodate high-mix low-volume machining parts production. We have built a reliable network of service providers for metal part casting, forging, extrusion, and surface finishing. SpecsPro is your one-stop solution for custom metal parts manufacturing.

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Our main machining capabilities include CNC milling, turning and precision CNC screw machining on a wide range of raw material. We perform machining jobs on various forms of raw materials including bar, sheet and steel wire rod, etc. For larger orders, we mostly like perform machining jobs on fabricated rough workpieces from various forging and casting processes, including cold forging, warm forging, hot forging, die casting, sand casting, investment casting, etc.

We work with a wide range of raw material including but not limited to carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc and copper.

The typical types of machining parts we made include housing, casing, coupling, flange, shaft, bolt/nut, fastener, connector, and pipe fitting, etc.

Our surface finishing jobs include sand blasting, polishing, aluminum anodizing, zinc plating, chrome plating, powder coating, etc.

Metal fabrication jobs we perform:

Engineering Support

SpecsPro team provide value added engineering services that are related our CNC machining services.

Manufacturing process optimization

We don't just simply take the drawing and make the part. For every part quote request, we tend to find different processing options and identify the most effective and efficient solution. This often involves understanding the intended application of the machining part, the required functionalists and performance requirement. In many cases, we are able to effectively bring down machining processes, and reduce material waste by introducing forging or casting processes to make rough workpiece first. We may suggest amending the specifications based on the raw material available in the local market. Tooling and aid design is also critical and we are very experienced to recommend the most cost-effective solution.

AutoCAD Drafting & Conversion

AutoCAD drafting

We convert old scans / sketches as per your standard drawings. We use layers / font / title block as per your standard.

We can do all types of paper to CAD drawing conversion services. Whether its one time project of long-term, we can allocate CAD staff on your project. If your project need customs tool learning we can learn quickly.

Product Development & Prototyping

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With a CAD workstation, our engineers create 3D solid or 2D slices using scanning devices, and we flow CAD-CAM workflow to work out the prototype.

We develop tooling for the CNC machining process including cutters, fixtures, jig and effectively keep track of all tooling.

Logistics & Supply Chain

We ship custom machining parts internationally via ocean and air freight services. We offer FOB and CIF terms to major international ocean ports and airport. For US destination, we also offer DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) term.

Order and Shipment Tracking

shipping CNC parts from China

SpecsPro uses OneDrive based cloud tracking sheets that provide real-time visibility of order and shipment status.

The order and shipment tracking events can to all customized to fit each client's specific requirements. Click Order and Shipping Tracking to access the tracking page.

Working with SpecsPro, you receive your CNC machining parts fast and consistent.


CNC parts warehouse

With a proper inventory planning process in place and a long term agreement after initial orders, we are open to discuss a vendor managed inventory program that will lower your inventory and assure your Just-In-Time requirements for the needed machining parts.

We have been in practice of preforming VMI for a few clients with constant volume order for years.

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