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For each machining part, we at SpecsPro study and identify the most suitable manufacturing processes and the most effective machine tools and equipment for the part. With SpecsPro's seven closely affiliated high qualification Chinese factories, we have a wide range of manufacturing machineries and equipment to perform comprehensive metal fabrication jobs covering processes including regular machining, precision CNC machining, cold forging, warm forging, hot forging, sand casting, die casting, investment casting, and various surface finishing, etc.

For a demonstration of our comprehensive machining capabilities, we list below the major machineries and equipment selected from our China manufacturing shops.

Machine Tools

CNC Machining Centers


CNC Screw Machines


Automatic Lathes


Forging and Casting Equipment

Cold Forging Equipment


Warm Forging Equipment


Hot Forging Equipment


Zinc Die Casting Machine


Surface Finishing Equipment

Chrome Plating Production Line

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