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Antuo (Ningbo) Industrial Co., Ltd.

Specialty: Cold Forging & Turning

Autuo (Ningbo) Industrial Co., Ltd. is established in 1995 in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. The manufacturer has 900 employees. The core manufacturing processes are cold forging and and turning. Main products are expansion bolts, rivet nut fasteners, and OEM vehicle parts like hitch balls, wheel-rim screw nuts and pipe-connecters, etc. The production processes start from steel wire rod coils. The rod coils are loaded on automatic cold forging forming machine to make the forged parts. The forged parts are then sent to automatic lathes for finish processes.

SpecsPro has had years of successful cooperation with Antuo Industrial for making custom parts such as small size cold forging plus turning steel parts, such as bolts, nuts, connectors, etc. We are able to redesign many small turning process parts to forging-plus-turning parts, cutting the cost with increased productivity, reduced lathe processes, and reduced raw material usage. With cold forging process we can also achieve better mechanical performance for the parts.

Factory tour / production processes

At this stage, the forging process is finished. The parts will further go to machining process, usually turning or tapping.

Forging casting parts show room

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