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Shangjian Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Specialty: Precision CNC Milling & Turning

Shangjian Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. The factory is conveniently located at the southwest suburb of Shanghai. Shangjian is specialized in precision CNC milling and turning for medium and large metal parts in small volume. We are equipped with 5-axis milling center, precision horizontal and vertical CNC Lathes. The factory is equipped with precision 3D measuring machines on the site. In side the work shop, there is a closed climate control partition for high precision machining work.

Machine Shop in Shanghai

SJ Machine Shop Overview

Competitive Advantages

Providing effective and efficient small-lot precision CNC machining parts for small production run and short-run parts is the competitive advantage of SpecsPro Machine Shop. We are able to provide low cost high performance one-stop service with short turn around time and high consistency and reliability.

Among our advantages are the capabilities in making casting rough based machining parts. Although we out-source the casting process, we have established a streamlined supply chain processes with a fine list of reliable foundry services that provide all type of metal casting parts. The mold processes include sand casting, investment casting, lost-form casting, die casting, etc. Our reliable foundry services always provide the needed precision, finishing and delivery schedule that are well connected our requirements and machining production schedule.

Craftsmanship & Certifications

Sustain Sort + Set in Order + Shine + Standardize +

SpecsPro is process driven, detail oriented in our business operations. Our team of dedicated machinists and engineers conduct our job with passion and care. We strive to achieve highest quality, precision and consistency, from drawing, machining, all the way to packaging and delivery.

ISO 9001 Certified Machine Shop

Our Shanghai machine shop, Shangjian Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certified. We continue to pursue lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. Here are our up-to-date ISO9001 certificates.

We maintain our machine shop with 5S approach: Sort + Set to Order + Shine + Standard and Sustain.

CNC Machining Equipment

Blow is a list of our major in-house CNC machining equipment in our China machine shop facility.

Measuring Equipment

Below is a list of our major in-house measuring equipment in our Shanghai machine shop facility, serving our CNC machining and engineering processes.

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